18. - 20.7. '19

Program Shpeena DOX - 18. - 20.7. '19

*Free entry


  • 21:30
    75' (HR, 2018.)
    “King skate”
    82' (CZ, 2018.)


  • 21:30
    “Art folder full of dreams”,
    72' (HR, 2017)
    Elis Lovrić


  • 21:30
    “Where were you in 44'?”
    40’ (HR, 2017)
    Student movies ADU:
    51’ (HR, 2018)
    “Women, women, women",
    23’ (HR, 2017)
    "Home for Christmas",
    30' 52'' (HR, 2018)
    17 (HR, 2016)
    Offhandedly movie
    2’ (AUT, 2017)
    6’ (HR, 2015)
    12’ (EE, HR, CA, 2017)

Documentary movies


Bianca Dagostin

Bianca Dagostin (Croatia)

Film Production from Labin, graduated from the Academy of Dramatic Arts and MA in Film, television and multimedia production in Bologna. Currently shooting documentaries and short films.
Zvonimir Jurić

Zvonimir Jurić

Born in 1971 in Osijek. The director of the feature films "Blacks" and "Kosac" and the drama mini-series (5 episodes) of "Patrol on the Road". Currently, he is a pro-dean for the education and students of film studies at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb.
Ana Tavić

Ana Tavić(CROATIA)

Graduated management from Faculty of economics at the University of Rijeka in 2013. Recently added graphic design course to her CV. Currently employed as a copywriter in a creative studio for design and communication. Founder of documentary film festival Shpeena DOX and a big fan of documentary movies.

Refresh yourself with a good movie!

About the festival

Shpeena DOX is an open­air documentary film festival located at the popular place called "špina" launched in 2015. Festival with an international character, created for young people, takes place during the month of July. Project was developed by young filmmakers and film lovers in order to obtain summer cinema in Labin with focus on documentary movies. Documentary movie are by their nature engaged, so the purpose of the festival is, by selecting such films, to raise awareness among young people about certain problems of the modern world and to get more young people. involved in nowdays society. Last, but not the least, festival wants to promote not only the documentaries, but also the film in general among the Istrian audience.

This year's festival runs from 18th to 20th July 2019 in the old town of Labin. Over 3 days, the festival will host 11 short and long feature films. The first day of the festival opens the film "Srbenka", an award-winning feature documentary film by documentarist Nebojša Slijepčević.

The theme of this year's festival is cooperation, and this year's edition brings even more partnership and connectivity than in previous years. Despite lack of resources, Shpeena DOX has been able to hold a total of five years, but it would not be possible without a network of partners, but also friends who support the festival.

This year's Festival is dedicated to them.

The Shpeena Dox Festival is part of the Labin Art Republic 2019 event program.

Shpeena dox - Documentary film festival

Project team

Ana Tavić

Coordinator / PR & marketing of the festival

Renata Kiršić

Project assistant

Neven Zulijani

Visual identity of the festival

Bianca Dagostin

Project assistant


  • Adress: Near Shpeena (Old town Labin)
  • Email:
  • Mob: 098 966 0698


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